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The day has finally come! On this amazing episode of Cleveland Roxxx we are joind by the awesome rock band, Samfox! We were also joind by the very talented crew from Skeleton Studios. They filmed the whole podcast and threw together an awesome video to pair with the episode. You can find that video, as well as all of Skeleton Studios videos on their youtube page HERE. We're going to hear a ton of awesome songs off of Samfox's EP  "The Feels" as well as a few brand new songs! and as usual, We'll learn alll about what makes this band so great. Check out all of samfox's music and show dates on their page HERE. This is going to be one that you don't want to miss, so sit down, pop those headphones in, and enjoy this episode of CLEVELAND ROXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!

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  • TJ Gsomething's picture

    I have a new favorite episode! 

    Thanks Skeleton Stewdios for video recording this cast and letting us listeners see a glimpse of the guys! 

    Jun 09, 2016